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Beware using too much of Google

Yes, you read it correct. Use of Google is proven to be worse than the use of Drugs at least for me, if not for everyone. And there are many reasons behind it. But before I proceed to highlight those critical aspects, let’s first deep dive into the history of google and how google became Google.

Google founded by Larry Page & Sergey Brin in the year 1998. Before incorporation google received funding from Andy Bechtolsheim of Sun Microsystems and that is how the journey of Google started. Then after incorporation 3 angel investors namely Jeff Bezos, David Cheriton, and Ram Shriram poured in more money in the struggling company. And the 2 initial years of Google were really terrible, the company was loosing cash at unprecedented scale due to surge in traffic of it’s search engine. But somehow Google had to come up with the strategy of earning revenue as well. And that is how Google got in touch with Bill Gross of Idealab who landed the idea of Adwords to Google at an undisclosed figure, which survived Google and then the concept of Adwords was refined by Salar Kamangar. So that is how Google just revived from the Graveyard. And if this would have not happened then we would probably should never have seen Google.

> List of Acquisitions by Google
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So from Google search engine to Adwords, Google was unstoppable and going in the direction where Microsoft went in 1990’s
You can see the video on How Big is Google.

Core business of Google shifted from Search engine to Mergers & Acquisitions, and this is after 2004 of their IPO launch when Google got very aggressive with buying out of technology startups to dominate the world.

So from Search engine now Google have ventured into multiple products like Gmail, Maps, Earth, Android, Youtube, Adwords, Analytics, Photos, Drive, Cloud and Developer Console. And you might say that what is the Problem? or Where is the Problem?

The problem is with the word “FREE” which is not exactly what is signifies of Google Products. Gmail is FREE but till 15 gb then the pricing starts when a user got addicted to Gmail then there is no going back, user has to subscribe.

> You can check this article on Google Monopoly, and that is suggesting how Google is controlling everyone without letting anyone know about it.

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