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Importance of Digital Transformation

It is a very debatable question that, “Can a Brand be totally built using only Social Media Platforms?” And at-least for me, this is a very simple question to answer, since I have developed multiple brands. The answer to this question is “Digital Transformation of a Brand“. And this process is simple yet complicated. Simple for those decision makers who really understand and know the power of Internet, and difficult for those who really do not want to understand or just want to casually ignore the change. Both the cases can be best explained by 1 single example, where former we can take example of 2018 Nokia & later can be explained by the Old Nokia.

Currently as we see, Nokia is stuffed with Android, and not their own Symbian which is dead. But back in days, when Nokia stuck to Symbian OS, it had to pay a huge price by loosing the entire mobile market share, that too when Nokia was King. But now Nokia is only marketing using social media platforms and their smartphones are only sold online. So this can’t be a better example than any other.

So if One have to focus on existing brand to scale and reach global audiences, then the Digital Transformation Strategy is the best to be focussed on, along with the traditional medium of marketing, if the product or service is worth using traditional marketing mediums. And Digital Transformation is not at all a costlier affair that you might think.

Digital Transformation Implementation Strategies are one of the best modern day marketing tactics which can be utilised by any company, willing to built a brand by reaching out to millions of targeted audiences. So if you want to know more you can contact Digital Transformation Expert CompanyDigiWinx.

So what are the steps covered in Digital Transformation of any Company which is totally new to the Modern Marketing World.

Step 01) Keyword Research for Domain Name (For existing keywords, skip this step)

Step 02) Clean Coded Responsive Website (Smartphone Focusses) / Android and iOS Mobile Application

Step 03) Search Engine Optimization (On-page, Off-page, Back Linking)

Step 04) Google Services Integration (GA, Webmaster, Site Optimizer, My Business, Adwords, Google Cloud)

Step 05) Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram)

Step 06) Website Form Automation

Step 07) Setting up Best Cost Effective CRM or ERP System (Depending on your company’s scalability)

Step 08) Data Analysis & Analytics

Step 09) SMS/Email Marketing

Step 10) Ripe the fruits of your efforts & Repeat the process


That’s it for this post, hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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